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Emuvortex.net has been closed until the situation with gbxemu.net will be resolved.



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wow.. it would seem this whole ordeal has caused some commotion.......... those of you that don't know me.. i'm romsearcher of emuvortex.net.... before you kids start flaming, let me just clear something up for you. i do NOT have gbxemu.net ... it has NOTHING to do with me OR any of the emuvortex ppl. i DID in fact have the gbxemu.net address in which i wanted to trade xAix for my emuvortex.com address. he said he wanted to, but when i tried to trade, he said that i have to send him his domain and then he'll send me mine! wtf.. you think i'm dumb enough to FIRST send him his domain and just HOPE he keeps his word? i think not. so after waiting over a month and that is all he offered, i sold the domain for 200$ (the same xaix tried to pawn mine to me for when he first stole it).... now it apppears he's running a gbxemu site, and ya know what... good for him i've gotten nothign but grief from xaix. about the .com hijacking.. dunno whats up with that, or if it's even connected.... but dont go blaming me! i'm out of this gbxemu stuff, not worth all the trouble......

oh and by the way, some people are raving off about how gbxemu.net is violating copyright of gbxemu? the content u see on emuvortex.com was taken straight from my old site.... no permission, he even POSES as being ME!!! ROMSEARCHER!! on the site.... uses my images, name, content... THAT is copyright infridgement... not just making a site with the same NAME.....

omg can u not read!? i said i DO NOT fookING HAVE GBXEMU.COM OR GBXEMU.NET!

Hmm.. maybe I can answer that question seeing as I OWN emuvortex.net..........

The site was never hacked, eaten, or kidnapped by an old creeper. The story goes a lil somethign like this... One day, emuvortex woke up to its normal usual day.. users were downloading roms, everyone was happy until... uh oh


the site stopped working. reasoning is, dns problems from our registrar. they screwd it up and can't even figure out what's wrong with it. to date, they still can't figure out what.... go figure, if they ever figure out how to fix my domain emuvortex WILL be back... with roms of course


Our reply - lets check some facts...

Creation Date: 16-jul-2003

Creation Date: 21-jul-2003
Owned by romsearcher
Hosted at PLIMID.COM

Domain Name: GBXEMU.NET
Owned by (person who bought it from romsearcher OR more likely still romsearcher)
Hosted at PLIMID.COM

When GBXEMU.COM and NET were stolen they were both moved to the same registrar and same server and the same text about the domain being "pawned" was displayed.
(romsearcher claims that he had the NET but didn't have the COM so all of that must have been just a coincidenc? I don't think so)


If you are wonder where we got this information or you would like to verify it for yourself head over to the Network Solutions Domain WHOIS Lookup page.



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